Russia the undisputed number one drinking country in the world

Former Russian president Boris Jeltsin proves his country's great drinking culture.

Former Russian president Boris Jeltsin proves his country’s great drinking culture.

The poll is closed and that means the time to vote is over. For a week you had the chance to chose your number one drinking country. Without a doubt we can tell you that this must be Russia. With 214 out of a total of 1.041 votes these East-Europeans ended on top of the list with 20,56%. Way before the runners up Ireland (8,26%) and Poland (8,17%). Check out the full results of this poll by Lords of the Drinks.

It’s clear there was little competition for the Russians, since they had more votes than the numbers 2 and 3 combined. A total of 60 votes was given to countries that were not on the list. In the comments section The Netherlands, Bosnia, India and Puerto Rico were named as potential outsiders for the title. Here’s the full list:

1. Russia 20,54%
2. Ireland 8,26
3. Poland 8,17
4. Germany 7,01
5 Czech Republic 6,92
6. Great-Brittain 6,44
7. Bulgaria 5,86
8. Different country (Netherlands, India, Puerto Rico, Bosnia) 5,76
9. Serbia 4,03
10. Australia 3,94
11. Ukraine 2,79
12. France 2,4
13. Hungary 2,21
14. Albania 1,63
Belgium 1,63
16. South Korea 1,54
17. Romania 1,44
18. Moldova 1,34
19. Canada 0,86
Lithuania 0,86
21. Brazil 0,77
Estonia 0,77
Mexico 0,77
New Zealand 0,77
25. Latvia 0,67
Thailand 0,67
26. Belarus 0,48
Japan 0,48
28. Slovakia 0,38
29. Cuba 0,29
30. Uganda 0,19
31. Croatia 0,1

8 thoughts on “Russia the undisputed number one drinking country in the world

  1. I’m Russian and I have a Finish best friend. He can outdrink me easily. That’s my evidence for Finland being more of a drinking country :). True though that their prices are insane!


    • Yeah I think they also had quite the drinking culture. One that the government is trying to kill. On the same matter: I read that in Russia the prices for alcohol are going up big time. This must suck.


      • That’s just asking for trouble. Hiking up prices will just cause people to drink more potentially dangerous stuff. Bad move.


      • That was my first thought too… The homeless guys will just get spiritus or other alcohol containing stuff that isn’t meant for drinking I guess.
        Nice topic for a post one of these days I think.


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