What’s the number 1 drinking country in the world?

Alcohol consumption in the world according to the World Health Organization.

Alcohol consumption in the world according to the World Health Organization.

So if the statistics of Lords of the Drinks have taught us anything, it’s that there are fanatic drink enthousiasts all over the world. But which country do you consider to be the number one drinking country in the world? We already gave you plenty of options, but if you feel like a country is missing, just write it down in a comment. Here you can also motivate your choice. This poll will stay active for a full week.

Check the results of this poll here.

19 thoughts on “What’s the number 1 drinking country in the world?

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  2. Seychelles… The only reason we can’t drink more is cos alcohol prices went up and the government put liquor bans (Only available at certain times of certain days)

    If not, alcohol poisoning for over half the people. =/


  3. I saw the numbers from one of the wine industry publications for 2012… and it’s hilarious! The “country” that drinks the most wine per capita (wait for it…) is – The Vatican! After that, Italy was next. The U.S. consumed the most overall. I am feeling very spiritual suddenly, must pop a bottle…


    • Hahahaha I know the feeling. Holland isn’t even mentioned. I can’t complain, since I’m responsible for that. But we have to admit that some other countries drink more than us. Individual achievements like my own set aside of course. 😉


  4. its strange you did not put in India.

    since its hindu majority country, and in hindu religion drinking is encouraged but at certain worship and even important or intimate times – it is mandatory.
    wine consunmption has been steadily increasing. Both the actual base (i.e. number of people/population) as well as per capita consumption is v.high in india. Some of the oldest breweries and drinks of the asia continent are in south asia. Alcohol is huge business in India, and Diageo has even franchised some of its big brands to be produced locally there like chivas, black label etc.


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