Drunken Santas get into a huge street fight

Drunk Santas kicking the shit out of each other.

Drunk Santas kicking the shit out of each other.

Now it won’t get much funnier than this. These images were shot outside a bar in New York at a happening known as SantaCon. At this occasion everyone dresses up as Santa and drinks till they’re absolutely smashed. Of course not everyone handles their liquor as well as they should and – Santa suit or not – they lose some of their dignity. In this case a huge fight breaks out between several Santas. Although it gets a little too rough at times, the fact that these guys are dressed up makes it hilarious. Enjoy the video.

What you see here are images from Saturday at the annual SantaCon pub crawl. The New York Police was said to be at full force, but still couldn’t prevent this huge fight. All over town other Santas were showing all other kinds of drunk behaviour, including crawling and puking. At least ten Santas are expected in court soon for drunken behaviour.


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6 thoughts on “Drunken Santas get into a huge street fight

  1. Wow! Many years ago, my mum’s cousin was a Santa in a shop grotto and, while in costume, got into a brawl with the other Santa, also in costume, because he’d taken the other one’s boots and split them. This was in front of the kids all waiting to sit on Santa’s lap! Apparently, my mum was shown the front page of a newspaper with this story on it and went, “Oh my God, it’s my cousin!”


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