Poetry: Good Night

A key element to every good night: shots at the bar.

A key element to every good night: shots at the bar.

Time for a little homemade poetry. At least if we can call it that. It’s more like a funny verse really. At least we hope you’ll enjoy it. And if not, you should try to follow this scenario next time you hit the town. Cheers!

Good Night (Micky Bumbar)

Walk in the bar
Straight to the bar
Drinks at the bar
Laughs at the bar
Shots at the bar
Girls on the bar
Me on the bar
Shirt on the bar
Pants on the bar
Me off the bar
Seats on the bar
Me on the floor
Oh what a night

7 thoughts on “Poetry: Good Night

  1. You’re too cute! Try a speedo next time.! hee hee !

    BTW, i will soon be posting a pub poem myself. it is a true tale…and based on a british boy’s fantasy pub life. i hope u stop by to read it. will let u know. i can post it here in the comments section if you like, too.


  2. Love Challenges!! ok, i am IN! Will post it on your entry and on my blog. FUN!!

    Let the drunk writing begin!…no, i wont be snockered when I write..but maybe i should. Gimme a mimosa and I am good! 🙂

    i actually did some research on this topic and learned some of the best artists did their work while under the influence.


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