13 life lessons to learn from a Nepalese drinking death

A murder weapon in Nepal.

A murder weapon in Nepal.

A sad message in the papers today. A 47-year old man died in the Nepalese city Gopeta after downing an 0,75 liter bottle of whisky. Pancharam Bishwokarma did this because of a bet. Since he proved he could indeed drink the full bottle of Royal Stag his friend had to pay for it: an easy earned 700 rupees (6 euro’s). But three weeks later the Nepalese jewler died of the “medical complications” of his act.

“Bishwokarma went home and after a few hours he  started puking. He couldn’t get tosleep and was rushed into a hospital”, police spokesman Sanjeev Khadka said. Doctor Pashupati Chaudhary added: “He drank the bottle of whisky, with an alcohol percentage of 42%, in one time, without eating. That damaged his vital organs, according to the doctors in the hospital.”

We are of course sad to hear that a man died because of alcohol. And not even from a big amount. But isn’t it better to praise this hero than to be sad? In 13 wise life lessons we will explain why Bishwokarma’s should be considered a role  model to us all.

– Always believe in yourself.

– If you say you’re gonna do something, go on and do it.

– If people say that you can’t do something, prove them wrong.

– If you have to go, you might as well go while doing something you love.

– Money should never be a motivation. Do things for honor.

– If people all over the world know your name when you die, you really achieved something in your life.

– The last decades of a lifetime are highly overrated anyway.

– Every jeweler knows that in awareness lies the real gold.

– And that’s what we call “survival of the fittest” kids!

– When you close a drinking bet, always mention the costs of the bottle AND the funeral.

– Doctor’s advice: eat something before you down a bottle of whisky next time.

– 47 is the new 27.

– 5 minutes can make all the difference in a lifetime.

Micky Bumbar

15 thoughts on “13 life lessons to learn from a Nepalese drinking death

    • Hahaha yep… Actually in the year Nikolay and me studied together in Bulgaria there was a simular incident..
      After a full night of whisky drinking a guy thought it was a good idea to challenge another student. Both a bottle of vodka and 2 minuutes to down it. Both succeeded and survived and only 1 of them ended up in the hospital and the newspaper.


  1. i’m so sorry; i misspelled your name. arrgh! somedays my pain levels are extreme and i cant focus well.

    ok..about these parties…dang, i would like to crash a party but cold weather keeps me indoors…hence the whole subject of my blog…but, i think that blog will die this spring, so i might have to create a whole new one to join you here, but i promise to come back. 🙂


  2. While it’s sad that the man died from alcohol poisoning, on the flip side, HE WAS 47! Even I, a blithering idiot when it comes to most things in life, knows that downing a bottle of whisky is a bad idea. For the record, I’ll be 47 in less than a month, so I’ve learned a thing or two about liver capacity over my many many years of stupid pet tricks type drinking escapades.


    • Hahaha you are absolutely right. People of that age should know better. I know I wrote 47 is the new 27, but I hope you won’t join the club of 47. May you stay healthy, alive and kicking.


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