The Sochi Drinking game

Who said the winter games were only in Sochi?

Who said the winter games were only in Sochi?

The Olympic Games is a time of coming together and watch others sweat for the glory of our nations. And what better way to spend this time than with some drinks? Therefor we came up with a drinking game to play during the long broadcasts all through the day. It’s guaranteed to make the Games in Sochi even more interesting. All you need is good company, a tv, enough shotglasses and a shitload of vodka.

The rules of the Sochi Drinking game are very easy. Everybody fills up a full glass of vodka and puts it in front of him. Everyone has to pick a nation they will cheers for today (remember that a country like Russia is way more likely to get you drunk at the winter Olympics  than let’s say Kenia or Australia). Take a shot every time…

– The tv switches sports
– The tv shows Putin
– A new world track record is set
– The top-time or topscore of the moment is broken
– An athlete of your country starts his/her race.
– An athlete of your country finishes his/her race.
– The anthem of your country is played
– Your country wins a medal
– The commentator says “how great or historical” what we’re watching is.

Have fun and cheers!

Micky Bumbar

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