Drunk woman tries to ‘borrow’ cop car

With unmarked cop cars like this one it's easy to make a mistake.

With unmarked cop cars like this one it’s easy to make a mistake.

We’ve all done some stupid stuff at times when drunk but sometimes you’re just very unlucky. Like Ria Buford, a 32-year old woman who got arrested last Saturday morning in the American city Pittsburgh. After a Wiz Khalifa concert that was followed by an afterparty she felt like she was a little too smashed to walk all the way back to her car. She got into an unmarked car with 2 cops in civilian clothes and told them she was going to drive the vehicle to where she parked hers. The undercover officers could stop her from executing her plan and arrested the drunk.

Buford has to show up in court this Thursday for a preliminary hearing. She faces charges of robbery of a motor vehicle, disorderly conduct and public drunkenness. Well, at least she will have a killing story to tell at birthdays for the rest of her life. Must count for something right?!

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