Drunk Indian beats wife to death after refusing to give him money for more drinks

The sad sight of empty bottles can make one pretty desperate.

The sad sight of empty bottles can make one pretty desperate.

A man by the name Ram Swaroop has been arrested in India for murdering his wife Pramila, after he beated her to death with a laundry bat. The reason he turned to such drastic measures was that she wouldn’t give him money to continue the drinking spree he was on. The incident occured last Thursday, the day before Christmas, in Sagar Pur in the state Delhi. 

According to the Indian police the couple was home alone when they got into a fight over Ram Swaroop’s drinking habits. Their sons Pawan and Sanjay, who were both at work when the couple started fighting, stated their father was an alcoholic. They also said it wasn’t uncommon for him to beat their mother when drunk. The fact that his wife didn’t want to lend him money to get more booze made Swaroop furious. He picked up a laundry bat and beated her repeatedly before leaving her to die in her own blood. When the police arrived Pramila Swaroop was already dead, but they caught her killer later that evening.

Now of course we can all agree that this is one of the saddest Christmas stories ever. Not just because the commandment “Thou shalt not kill” was broken in a very brutal way. But what kind of woman would deny her husband some jolly spirit on Christmas Eve? Let this be a warning, ladies…

Micky Bumbar

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