Drunk Wedding Photographer Bangs a Guest and Pees in Public

The notorious drunk wedding photographer Katherine Leigh Mehta. Source: Instagram

Weddings getting crashed by drunken idiots is nothing new, but when the official wedding photographer outshines the bride that’s rare. Still that’s exactly what 26-year old Katherine Leigh Mehta from Texas (USA) did last Saturday. The marriage photographer, who also works as a swimsuit model under the name Max McIntyre was asked to leave after she was caught in a drunk state having sex with one of the guests. Instead of leaving quietly Mehta did the opposite. She stayed, started shouting and then started urinating behind a tree. When the cops dragged her away from ‘her’ party she threatened them and their kids and was arrested inside the patrol car.

The quotes of the intoxicated photographer inside the car are in the police record. “Y’all families will be dead by Christmas. Y’alls daughters are dead. My dad is going to find out about this and y’all are fucking D-E-A-D.” The part-time model has been charged with public intoxication and obstruction/retaliation.

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8 thoughts on “Drunk Wedding Photographer Bangs a Guest and Pees in Public

  1. Jeeze…reminds me of my wedding…the ex-wife’s redneck family showed up…her brother-in-law groped her, and they let the 12 and under crowd have beer. After vomiting everywhere, 3 of the kids shit themselves and “painted” the bathroom. We’re headlining 9-10 year olds. That marriage didn’t last long, lol.

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  2. oh dear. why did they let her drink? but at least she went behind the tree to empty her bladder. and i bet that guest consented to the sex. i know she was on the job and should’ve not enjoyed the party so well but alcohol does impair judgement. no one should allow their employees to drink on the job.

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