11 Tricks to Get Drunk while Low on Cash

Here’s the scenario: It’s Saturday evening and all of your friends want to hit the town to get wasted, but your financial  situation is horrible. What do you do? Be a party pooper and count your last coins at home, bore yourself to death in the corner sipping on tap water or accept this challenge…

Joke: The fly in the beer

It’s time for a drinking joke again. Not to give away the clue just yet, but when an Englishman, a Scotsman and an Irishman walk into a bar at the same time, it should lead to a funny situation. So enjoy!

Joke: a bet in the bar

Time for a little drunk humor then to start the weekend with a smile. Are you the type that makes ridiculous bets in bars as soon as the alcohol kicks in? In that case this joke  might sound familiar or inspire you to make a quick buck in a fun way. Enjoy!

Buzz Aldrin, the first drunk on the Moon

The worst thing you can be at something is second. It doesn´t matter if it´s the 100 meter sprint at the Olympics or a trip to the Moon. Just ask Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin. This American astronaut was the second person ever to take a walk out there but everybody mostly remembers the legendary words from…

Joke: the Golden Bar

From time to time we like to lighten up your day with a joke. This time it’s one about a drunken man coming home to his wife with some explaining to do. Always a good start of course. Enjoy.

Priest writes a book about his dedication to God and alcohol

Religion and alcohol consumption is always a tricky combination. There are always some religious freaks that tell us we have to stay abstinent. In the past we have written about the retards who claim Christians shouldn’t  drink and we also showed you with phrases from the Quran that alcohol technically is not forbidden in Islam.…