Joke: the Golden Bar

Everything is gold in the Golden Bar.

Everything is gold in the Golden Bar.

From time to time we like to lighten up your day with a joke. This time it’s one about a drunken man coming home to his wife with some explaining to do. Always a good start of course. Enjoy.

A man comes home late at night and he is pretty smashed. His wife who was worried sick asks “Where the hell have you been?”
“The Golden Bar”, the man replies. “It’s an awesome place. They have golden chairs, golden glasses, golden beer of course and even a golden urinal.”
The wife is not convinced that her husband is telling the truth, so she looks up the Golden Bar in the phonebook and calls them up.
“Do you really have golden chairs at your bar?”
– Absolutely ma’am.
“And what about golden glasses?”
– Indeed we do.
“And golden beers?”
– Most certainly.
“And even a golden urinal?”
– Hold on a minute ma’am… Johnny, I think I have a lead on the guy who pissed in your saxophone.”

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