Passed out people just ask for it!

People who claim to have never smoked in their lives are a perfect target for the trick with the burning cigarette.

A night of drinking might end early for the weak and tired ones in the group. The ones left behind have to miss their company, but this doesn’t mean that the sleeping beauties can’t contribute to a fun evening. Although it will be in a passive way. Here are some tips and tricks of what to do with passed out people. Here are some suggestions.

  1. Put as many stuff on him as you possibly can. A personal favorite is chairs, but you can also use matrasses, tables, microwaves, buckets, toasters. Well, be creative and make your own piece of art.
  2. Get a marker (waterproof if you really want your art to last) and write on your friends face. If you are lucky he will walk the walk of shame with whatever message you want the world to know still on his forehead.
  3. Put a cigarette in your friends mouth and let him smoke in his sleep.
  4. Use duck tape to tie your friend to the bed.
  5. Put his finger in water and let him piss his pants.
  6. Put shaving cream or toothpaste on his hand and tickle his face. Your friend will cover his own face with cream. Make sure that you use the right hand for right handed people and left for lefties.
  7. There are of course a lot of other activities including asses and genitals, but we don’t advice you to do this to everyone. Friends are more likely to forgive some good old “chairing” than a dick in their face. Don’t let a drunk prank ruin a friendship.

Needless to say it’s important to take a lot of pictures and videos. Try to get them safe as soon as possible. Put them on your computer or memory stick or directly online.  A lot of people want your footage erased as soon as you show them. Just remember you owe it to the world to show your successful prank.

The master at work, chairing a passed out friend.

Micky Bumbar

3 thoughts on “Passed out people just ask for it!

    • Hahahahaha necrophilia is indeed very important to mention. But to do it properly you need a bungalowparc or a camping or something where all the youngsters are drinking, so that the men can hunt in the morning to feast on corpses! 😀


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