Martini baby?!


Time for another joke. Here’s to all the martini lovers. Enjoy guys…

A rough looking stranger walks into a bar, puts a glass jar on the counter and orders a martini. He quickly drinks the glass and puts the olive in the jar. He repeats this ritual time after time, without talking to – or even looking at – the other customers.

These people look at him and after each glass of martini they get more curious. On a silent tone they are counting the glasses: 56, 57, 58… “It must be a bet”, suggests one of them. “He wants to make it to the Guiness Book of Records”, claims another one. But nobody dares to ask this strange drinker why he does what he does.

When the jar is completely filled with olives, the man puts it in his coat and walks towards the door. The other customers realize that it’s now or never and finally one yells: “sir, please tell us what that was all about? Were you trying to break a record or was it a bet?”

The martini-drinker looks at him and says: “what the hell are you talking about? My wife just sent me out to get a jar of olives.”


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