Getting hammered without drinking

This dude shows you can also smoke alcohol.

This dude shows you can also smoke alcohol.

By now you know we love drinking. However we don’t close our eyes for some of the negative sides that boozing might have. Two of the main heard reasons why people don’t like drinking is that it makes you fat (especially beer) and it’s bad for the liver and some other organs. Well both can be tackled with one solution: smoking alcohol. Yeah that’s right, because the alcohol goes straight to the brain you feel the effect right away. Just check out these videos.

We know the guy in the second video tells you not to try this at home, but don’t pay attention to that. Trying is knowing, so go for it. Get some puffs in and get hammered. In the third video you will see that it may not be that easy to do it right, but keep on trying. And afterwards don’t hesitate to share your experiences with us.

3 thoughts on “Getting hammered without drinking

  1. I’m definitely going to give this a shot… Might save me some time! I always start on my 6pk right when I get home from work.


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