Know your limits…

It's good to know your limits in a bar.

It’s good to know your limits in a bar.

It’s been a while that we last shared a joke with you. So here we go. Here’s one about a man that found a very special way to measure if he drank too much.

A man walks into a bar and orders a double scotch on the rocks. After finishing this glass he opens his jacket and checks his inner pocket. Satisfied he orders three tequila shots and drinks them all. After this he checks his pocket again.
And this ritual repeats itself with a pint of beer, a double vodka, two martini’s, a gin-tonic and a jagermeister. Finally the barkeeper can’t take it anymore and asks: “why do you check your pocket after every drink? What do you got in there?”
The man looks up and answers: “It’s a picture of my wife. The moment I find her attractive on that photo, I know I had too much and it’s time to go home.”

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