An epic birthday that ended in a Dutch canal

The waiter is bringing 100 beers. The start of an epic birthday.

The waiter is bringing 100 beers. The start of an epic birthday.

Birthdays ask for other great birthday stories. Here’s a report on my 22nd birthday, which was pretty epic. I just worked 3 months full time for a more than decent salary and that meant I had good options to throw a kick ass birthday party in my hometown in Holland. This particular night in 2005 became one that people still talk about until this very day. Well what can you expect when you start the night off by ordering a 100 beers?

So, it was the year 2005 and for the first time since ever I had the money to finally do something special for my birthday. On the Friday before the big day I invited 5 close friends to a Balkan restaurant to start an epic weekend. We had something called the ‘Rover’s dish’, which was a gigantic plate of meat, meat and more meat. This plate covered the full length of the table. In our all male company it turned out to be a perfect mix with large amounts of beer, wine, whiskey and slivovica. Later that night we ‘brushed our teeth’ with another bottle of whiskey and a bottle of dark rum. At least we didn’t have to start the next day on an empty stomach.

Now I already informed many people to come to our regular club. Or well, more like a bar dancing really. The message was simple: be there at 23.00 o’clock, because then I will get 100 beers. As usual my company was held up a bit too since we were drinking at home, but when we arrived at the bar it was rather empty. Close to midnight I couldn’t take it anymore and ordered the 100 beers anyway. The bartender looked at me with his eyes wide open and repeated? “100 big beers? I don’t believe we have that many glasses in this place.” That was a bit of a bummer, but we agreed that he would bring me 100 small ones.

It took the waiter more than 3 plates to carry our order to our table. Since we were with only a few guys we had to drink fast., cause leaving a beer to die is a horrible sin. While enjoying some whiskey on the side, the golden liquid went down my throat pretty smooth. In no time all 100 glasses were empty and now more and more friends started coming in. They were pretty dissapointed when they heard they missed out on the 100 beers, so I started taking everyone’s order. Vodka, whiskey, tequila, everyone ordered something else. When I got to the bar to place the order I completely forgot what everyone wanted, so I just ordered 3 glasses of every common strong drink in the place.

Tables full of beer: a pretty sight.

Tables full of beer: a pretty sight.

Now here’s where my memory lets me down a little bit. I remember everyone got pretty drunk and happy. Some probably got a little crazy since I saw several police cars on photo’s outside afterwards. But nobody from my company could really recall what happened after let’s say 3 am. But the black out didn’t last that long for me. With some friends we headed home for an afterparty at my place. Several hundreds of meters I asked a friend of mine to lent me her bicycle, so I could already deep fry some snacks and put some beers in the freezer.

It became the shortest bike ride of my life. While as a born and raised Dutchman I am quite used to riding a bike drunk, this time I got off the road and onto the grass, downhill heading towards a canal. While there was plenty of time to jump off the bike, I tried to get it back in the right direction again. Quite stupid since steering the vehicle back uphill was simply impossible. So with a big splash both the bike and me landed in the canal. Since I was in there anyway and it was a warm night in June I stayed in for 2 or 3 minutes and even swam a little bit. All of this while my friends were laughing and filming (this video is lost unfortunately) from the side. That was until I realized my mobile phone was still in my pocket. I pulled it out fast and held it above the water, but of course it was too late. The next day I had to tell my boss I was a little bit tougher to reach because of a midnight swim.

Well, my birthday kicked  so much ass that I couldn’t feel bad about the phone. I took a shower, had some clean clothes and enjoyed some well deserved beers with my friends. Three days later my phone, that I had taken apart completely, even worked again. For me the ultimate proof that luck is with the drunk.

Micky Bumbar

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