200-year old bottle of booze found in shipwreck near coast of Poland

The oldest drinkable mix drink in the world.

The oldest drinkable mix drink in the world.

Archaeologists have made a stunning discovery in a shipwreck near the coast of Poland; a 200-year old bottle of booze. But wait, it gets better. After running some tests they claim that the content of the stoneware bottle is still drinkable. It’s also the oldest mix drink on the planet, since we are dealing with a mix between hard liquor (vodka or jenever) and water. Maybe not the best cocktail recipe you ever heard of, but with an alcohol percentage of 14 this one liter bottle might still give you a nice buzz.

The bottle found near the city of Gdańsk wears the brand Selters, which is named after a town in the Taunus mountains of Germany. Selters is an acient spa village with natural soda water that has been famous for centuries. Experts suggested that this water mixed with liquor was bottled between 1806 and 1830. In an interview with the Polish website Nauka W Polsce Tomasz Bednarz of the Polish National Maritime Museum stated that the term ‘drinkable’ meant that the liquor would not cause poisoning. “But it also doesn’t smell particularly good.” Although the booze found in Poland is for sure the oldest drinkable mix drink, alcohol has been around for many milennia. The oldest remainings of wine were found in Georgia and date back from 8.000 years ago.

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9 thoughts on “200-year old bottle of booze found in shipwreck near coast of Poland

  1. Wow, I would love to own that bottle and start a bottle collection.

    I would pass on the tasting test. But with the right ingredients that might make a yum cocktail. 🙂

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