U.S. Government spends 3.2 million dollar on getting monkeys drunk

3.2 million dollars can get you a whole lot of cocktails.

3.2 million dollars can get you a whole lot of cocktails.

Little things in this world are funnier than to see monkeys drunk. That must have been exactly what the National Institutes of Health (NIH) in the United States must have thought. The Washington Times mentions that the NIH spends 3.2 million dollars (2.47 million euros) on a project where monkeys are exposed to huge amounts of alcohol. Of course the American goverment claims that this tax payers money is spent to see how excessive drinking effect the body tissue in the long term. Right, we’re gonna speed things up here a little bit and predict that in a few years we’ll see screaming headlines that a shitload of alcohol every day is bad for the body tissue. Well dear people of the NIH we will take that risk. So if you ever want to take your experiments one step further and try this on people, we’ll be glad to help. Even for half of this 3.2 million we’ll be on the next flight heading to the States. Cheers.

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9 thoughts on “U.S. Government spends 3.2 million dollar on getting monkeys drunk

  1. Dang, what a waste of good monkey tissues ….and think of all those gallons of vodka we could be willfully chugging for the simple pleasure of contributing to scientific study.

    Something is wrong with our Sammy. *sigh…oh well, at least the monkeys got a buzz from it. i am so envious.

    Still, this is guvamint subsidy of the worst kind. Free booze for flesh contributions. I want a tax refund! 🙂

    well, actually, Sam only had to ask ME what alkyhall does to the tissues. I took a class of chinese cooking and man does that sake tenderize the meat promptly. imagine what it does to our liver and stomach lining. 🙂

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