Introducing a tasty new drink: The Coughy MacCoughtail

Thyme syrup, the key ingredient of our new "coughtail".

Thyme syrup, the key ingredient of our new “coughtail”.

As you know we are always interested in trying new things. Last week both Lords of the Drinks tried to mix vodka with cough syrup, a drink we named the Coughy MacCoughtail. Although we only had one glass each of this cocktail we can honestly say that the result was far beyond our imagination. Even though the thick natural thyme syrup was difficult to mix with the vodka the drink at itself was quite a good. It was sweet with some herbal flavor but still a hint of rough manly alcohol. Stating once more we only drunk one glass each and used all natural syrup, but that being said: guys, do try this at home!

The Origin of the Drink
Let’s start with the unusual name of our drink. Some months ago Micky was surprised to see he got a new housemate. Some 41 year old guy from Germany that can’t speak Dutch or English, which makes it quite difficult to find any work in Holland. That explains directly why he spends most of the time smoking in the backyard. From the early morning his coughing echoes through the neighbourhood with which he earned new nicknames like Coughy MacCough and Coughy Annan. Since Coughy himself refused to try the cough syrup we bought him claiming it wouldn’t help, we had a full bottle of it in the house. What to do, what to do? An episode of Southpark where all the kids get high on cough medicine inspired us to combine it with our main love: booze. The weapon of choice was vodka because of it’s rather neutral taste.

The experiment
And last week there was a good drinking session with the Lords of the Drinks (Nikolay and yours truly) and another housemate who also created our logo that we love very much. We decided this had to be the night to folllow through with our plan. With the bottom of the vodka bottle in sight we took out the thyme syrup. Since Nikolay has an allergy problem with medications we first checked all the ingredients of the syrup and put his allergy pills on the table just in case. We poured the glasses half full of vodka and then filled them up with the cough syrup. At first it didn’t seem to mix to well but as we kept stirring our new born cocktail turned out to be quite drinkable. The Coughy MacCoughtail or Coughy MacCocktail as you wish was born.

Future drinking
As said we were completely fine after drinking the Coughy MacCoughtail. Actually, after downing a liter of vodka, some beers and several liters of wine we felt so great that we didn’t go to sleep till 8 in the morning. The next morning afternoon also started without a hangover. Now we won’t go as far as saying the Coughy MacCoughtail was responsible for this fact but we won’t rule it out either. In the future we will try this awesome drink again and maybe even pimp it up with some extra ingredients. So bartenders of this world, don’t be afraid to hit us with your ideas. A little fresh thyme, some orange or lemon juice or fresh strawberries. Without experimenting the world would be a very boring place.

Micky Bumbar


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2 thoughts on “Introducing a tasty new drink: The Coughy MacCoughtail

  1. some cough syrups have a stimulant effect and will keep us awake.

    i have had one that made my heart race. ugh!

    I am amazed at this creative cocktail-ism. 🙂

    my neighbor drinks his martinis with onions and i swear those are the best onions.
    but, i wouldnt want to kiss someone with booze and onion breath, lol. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hahahaha unless you had onions yourself. I used to drink at bars first. Get some Turkish food with extra garlic and then go to the club. The bouncers were always telling me that the odor was too much. But nothing a few tequilas and whiskies couldn’t fix! 😉


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