3 Easy Drinking Games that don’t Require Cards or Other Props

Shot glasses are the only props you need for these drinking games.

Shot glasses are the only props you need for these drinking games.

As always we are quite busy searching the web for everything related to alcohol and boozing. But sometimes we’re lucky and people find us with tips. This weekend we got an e-mail from Jaryd Haelwaeters, who is the proud owner of a website called Drinks and Drinking Games. He provided us with a nice guest post that explains three easy drinking games, for which we thank him. Also be sure to check out  his website for more ways to get shitfaced with your friends.

How to make a bad day good or a good day better? We all have them, boring days, having no clue what to do. It may sound old-fashioned with current technology, but playing drinking games with friends can save you of a lonely night behind the smartphone or computer. Time is spent more useful in the presence of other people and the obligatory alcohol makes for a nice atmosphere. With these games, you can make a fool of yourself without damaging your conscience. Embarrassing moments will be automatically blocked by the consumption of alcohol.

If you organize the party yourself you don’t want to spend too much time reading the rules. Therefore, we have chosen a series of simple drinking games whithout cards, which don’t have complicated rules.


An entertaining ice-breaker game, where you don’t need props, except for a big amount of booze. The game starts with one player starting to say the name of a famous person. (This can be someone that is known within your group of friends, or someone with an international reputation.) For example, someone starts by saying the name of Michael Jackson. Now it’s up to the the following player to find someone whose name begins with the first letter of the last name. A possibility in this situation is Jackie Chan. If someone finds a name where the first and last name starts with the same letter, the game direction changes. A player has to take a penalty drink, when he can’t immediatly come up with a name. The rising intoxication level ensures that the game gets harder as the game progresses.

Are you a mathematical talent? It’s a fairly simple game where basic mathematical skills are required. Each player takes turns counting, the first player starts by saying “1”, second player says “2” and so on. When someone hits a number divisible by 7, he has to say “BUZZ”. When you don’t do this or you shout “BUZZ” at the wrong time, you have to take a penalty drink. The challenge is to achieve a very high score. The worse your math skills, the higher the level of intoxication.

Drinking games for 2 people without cards don’t have to be boring. The Power Hour game is a great way to start a party, suitable for 2 persons or large groups. Someone makes a composition of songs that are each played for 1 minute. Every time a new song starts, the participants have to take a drink. Each player is given a shot glass at the start of the game and every minute you take a shot of beer. An average of 6 to 7 pints is drunk. Quitters will be punished with an agreed penalty. Premium choices are performing a dance, doing the dishes or treating your friends with free drinks.

These are some fun games that you can play when you lack inspiration. Anyone can play these games, without having to know complicated rules. They can be played for entertainment as ice breakers or for a nostalgic evening among friends. Have fun!

Jyrod Haelwaeters

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12 thoughts on “3 Easy Drinking Games that don’t Require Cards or Other Props

    • Hahaha I prefer company when I drink but ey… Thanks to modern technology we can have power hour over a video chat and beat the system I guess! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  1. We play a similar game to “Buzz” – we call it 21, or bottles.
    You go around the group, each person saying 1, 2, etc. and still on multiples of 7 the person has to say bottles. We also include the number 17 to say bottles on (just to make it a bit more challenging 😉 ). However we only count to 21, and if we reach 21 with no mistakes, then the person who says 21 (they have to say bottles because it is still a multiple of 7) gets to make a rule for one of the other numbers.
    i.e. on the number 5 you have to clap, etc. but this rule only applies to that single number, and not multiples of the number.


    • Yeah… In Holland we also add 17, 27 etc. to this game. Making up new rules at 21 is new for me. I guess it would be pretty hard, since already with the rules as we have them everything goes to heel around 80, 90 or a 100. Without a sober judge (never had one btw) it always ends in complete madness where nobody is sure where we were or what to say anymore.
      So do you make a new rule at 42 and 63 again?

      Liked by 1 person

    • Well actually in Holland it’s quite common to play it with a lot more people. Student parties with a DJ where you have to take a drink each time he puts on a new song. It gets you pretty smashed. 😀


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  3. Played Buzz many times with football teams…

    Its a great game sitting around a circle egging each other on..

    The best part is you can easily cheat by pretending to have no concept of times tables..this is not hard pass off amongst footballers and you can always end up consuming the most alcohol…

    Its a win/win situation



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