Drunk joke: Busted for drinking and driving

Mondays are tough enough, so let’s lighten the mood with a good old drinking joke. This one is about drunken driving. Now we know that our audience are usually not that touchy, so we won’t bother in stating that drunk driving is never funny. Just don’t do it in real life. Enjoy the joke!

banner bottles

A man is driving home by car after a very productive pub crawl on Saturday night.
Just as he thinks to himself that he’s pretty screwed if the cops would pull him over, he spots a police car in the rear mirror.
Shortly after he gets the stop sign.
As the police officer gets to his vehicle, the man opens his window and asks: “What’s wrong, officer?”
The cop answers that he has reason to believe the man has been drinking. “So, have you sir?”
The man replies: “Actually yes, I had a few drinks. How did you know officer, was there something wrong with my driving?”
“No, your driving was perfect”, the policeman replies. “It was the ugly fat chick in the passenger seat that gave you away.”

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8 thoughts on “Drunk joke: Busted for drinking and driving

  1. Terribly tacky joke. sexist and cruel.

    . I happen to b fat…but you’re ugly..and I can diet. 🙂 <~~ Lov this. Saw it on a bumper sticker.


  2. Guilty… now that im older fatter my damn self. We all need some good ole lovin. Its whats inside that counts. Everyone is sexier at 2am. I even think i can dance around midnight.


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