Rock-Paper-Three Shots, an easy but thrilling drinking game with just one dice

Any kind of booze will do for Rock-Paper-Three Shots. Everything else you need is a dice.

Any kind of booze will do for Rock-Paper-Three Shots. Everything else you need is a dice.

This is an all new drinking game we came up with, that goes by the name Rock-Paper-Three Shots. Since the rules are pretty easy and you hardly need any props, the game can be played everywhere and with anyone. The name Rock-Paper-Three Shots will make sense to you in a bit, but be sure that this game is about more than just doing good old fashioned rock-paper-sissors who gets to drink the next shot. This drinking game is played with one dice and all six possible numbers you can throw, have a different meaning. We advice you to play this game with 4 to 8 players, but basically it works with every amount of drinking enthousiasts. Let’s get started…

The basic ingredients for Rock-Paper-Three Shots are a bunch of thirsty people, one dice and of course booze. Now this game was made for shots of hard liquor, but if you’re not into that, there’s no reason why it wouldn’t work with glasses of beer or even wine. So all players gather in a circle and take turns rolling the dice. Every number involves a task. Once this task is completed, the dice moves on clockwise to the next player. Oh, and unless the game allows you to, you can not visit the toilet at any time.

What to do with these numbers:
1 Drink 1 shot
2 Choose someone from the group to do a shot with you
3 Challenge someone from the group for a game of rock-paper-sissors (best of three). The loser takes 3 shots.
4 Get on your hands and knees in the middle of the circle. You will be the table till your next turn or till someone else throws a 4. Shotglasses must stand and be filled on your back, bottles can stay on the ground for safety reasons (safety of the bottle that is).
5 You can have a toilet break.
6 Name that Thing*

* Name that Thing: Before the start of a game you roll the dice. The player who has the highest number can come up with a category for Name that Thing, for example the category could be ‘American presidents’. During the game whenever someone throws a 6, he or she must name an American president. When they can’t come up with one or they name one that was already mentioned (even by somebody else), they have to drink a shot.

Those were all the rules. It’s important to know that in this game there are no winners or losers. Just a bunch of drunk people at the metaphorical finish line, as the game basically ends itself. Cheers!

Micky Bumbar


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