8 Dangerous Combinations of Shots and Beer

Pairing shots of hard liquor with beer is a dangerous but thrilling game.

Any experienced drinker can tell you that few things get you plowed like a combination of beer and shots. As soon as hard liquor and the ‘juice of the barley’ are mixed in the stomach you can be sure of 2 things: you should be prepared to experience any kind of drunkness and you better have some decent hangover food waiting ready in the morning, cause you’ll need it. This list of alcoholic pairings might rub against our post of the 7 horrible alcohol combinations as they all get you shitfaced in no time, but there is a main difference. These beer and shots combos are actually quite tasty and when you get your hands on quality stuff you can avoid a headache the next morning.

The U-boot (Germany)
Named after the feared submarines that fought for the Germans in both world wars, the U-boot is also a notorious killer. This combination consists of a glass of beer and a shot of vodka. Although in the North of Germany, home of the original German submarines, the local strong drink korn is also popular. To make an U-boot one simply drops the shot glass into the beer glass and downs it as a whole.

The Boilermaker (Great Britain)
This combination of a shot of whisky and a pint of beer is as British as it gets. The traditional way of having a boilermaker is to simply drink the whisky and chase it with a beer. The name probably originates from the early 19th century when workers who built and maintained steam locomotives were some of the most notorious drinkers. A few rounds of whisky and beer was their recipe to ease the pain of a hard day at work.

Saké bombs ready for the dropping.

Saké Bomb (Japan)
This Japanese combo is perfect people who don’t mind to be a little loud when they drink. To make saké bombs one needs of course a shot glass of the typical Japanese rice wine, as well as a glass of beer and two chopsticks. Place the chopsticks on the beer glass and the shot glass on top of that. Now count to 3 in Japanese and bang your fist on the table so the saké will fall into the beer and drink it. If everything goes right, it should sound something like: Itch, ni, san, saké! We warn you that things can get messy and some booze will be spillt.

Kopstoot (Netherlands)
This combination of beer and a shot of the Dutch strong drink jenever literally means head butt. And that’s exactly how it feels like when you had a few. Like the boilermaker one first takes the shot of liquor, before chasing it with a beer. These days in the Netherlands the tradition of “kopstootjes” is mostly kept alive by the older generation.

Flaming dr Pepper (United States)
This is quite a spectacular pairing of liquor and beer, as it’s the only one on our list that is prepared with fire. The ingredients are a glass of a beer and a shot glass that contains 3 parts amaretto and 1 part high proof alcohol. The stronger booze should be poured on top of the amaretto and then set on fire. As the shotglass is dropped into the beer the flames go out and there you have your Flaming dr Pepper. As you taste this cocktail you’ll notice that it has a hint of the soda drink Dr Pepper, even though it doesn’t contain any.

Somaek (Korea)
The Asian version of the head butt is a bit more sneaky, as the beer is paired with the more mild tasting drink soju. Even though the national Korean drink usually contains only 22 to 24 percent alcohol it can screw you up pretty bad when mixed with beers. The name somaek is simply a contraction of the words soju and maek ju, which means beer in Korean.

Submarino (Mexico)
You don’t have to be fluent in Spanish to figure out the meaning of submarino. This is the Mexican version of the U-boot. It’s made by dropping a shot glass of tequila in a glass of beer. Preferably a light summer beer, to make it feel extra Mexican. Guaranteed to get you very smashed, but you probably knew that the moment we mentioned the T-word.

Tiroler Herrengedeck (Austria)
A popular combination of drinks in the Austrian region Tirol is a large beer and a shot glass of fruit schnapps known as obstler. Like their neighbours have pálinka (Hungary) and rakija (Croatia) in many different flavours, the Austrians make obstler from many different fruits like cherries, apricots, pears and plums. The term Herrengedeck means ‘gentlemen plate’ in German and in Northern Germany this term is used for a combination of beer and the formentioned korn.

Micky Bumbar


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11 thoughts on “8 Dangerous Combinations of Shots and Beer

    • Hahaha… The horrible combinations post is made by my colleague and friend Nikolay. I think he was mostly referring to the effects the next morning. Now, from this list it’s possible to feel some effects the next day as well, but ey… Nothing 3 beers and some decent hangover food can’t fix right?! 😀

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    • Really Steph?! Having liquor with beer as a chaser is my thing. I love the taste of both, but beer won’t get me drunk and chugging just 1 kind of booze gets very boring after a few rounds. 🙂

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      • I didn’t know ppl got bored with drinking just one kind of booze. I know jillions of ppl who drinks tons of beer and never seem to mind that one type of spirit. I think its nasty pizzy water myself. and beer drinkers make me gag when they kiss me. yuck. never gona kiss anudder beer drinker again. EVUH!

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