Going sober in October? Why would anyone?

Stay sober in the month of Oktoberfest? Yeah right!

Stay sober in the month of Oktoberfest? Yeah right!

Today we read about an initiative to raise money for charity. Normally we are all for this, but this time the event is called Go Sober in October. You guessed it, some – what in their language could only be described as – wankers in Great-Brittain called people up not to drink for a month and give the money they saved to charity. The good cause is MacMillan Cancer Support. Probably a very noble cause, but why not throw a kick ass party and have all profits go to cancer research? Take the Dutch charity Monkey Business for example. They handle this formula to save the Orang-utan in Indonesia. By behaving like animals they’re saving real ones. Now that’s the stuff!

So just for the record, we are not saying that you shouldn’t give money to cancer research, we just disapprove with the methods of the MacMillan Cancer Support. Especially in the month of the German Oktoberfest, (Party) Animal Day and many more other fine excuses to drink. So here’s a suggestion. Take some initiative and throw your own parties at home. Skip the bars and clubs for a change, celebrate whatever occasion there is with your own booze and you and your friends have plenty of money left for charity.

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