Joke: A drunk walks into a bar…

The bartender is the last person you wanna piss off.

The bartender is the last person you wanna piss off.

Time for a new joke. Finally one that starts with the phrase ‘a man walks into a bar’. To see more drinking and drunk jokes, please check our dossier. For now all we say is: enjoy!

A very drunk man zigzags into a bar, climbs up on a bar seat and with a double tongue he calls for a double whiskey. The barman gets the situation right away and says: “Get the hell out of my bar. We don’t serve drunks in this place.”
The drunk finds his way out the front door, but a little later he comes back in through a side door. Immediately he stumbles to the bar and as he bangs his fist on the counter he yells: “Give me 5 shots of tequila, pronto!” The barman highly annoyed says: “Dude, I just told you I won’t serve you, now get the fuck out of here.”
Again the drunk makes his way out the door, but five minutes later he breaks through the back door. While hanging over the bar he looks at the bartender and mumbles: “Kind sir, please give me 3 beers, 2 shots of vodka and a Jagermeister.” The barman is now ready to explode and screams at the man: “You fucking bum, I told you I am not serving drunks. Now get the hell out or I’ll help you a little.”
The drunk looks up to the angry man behind the counter and says: “No need to get angry sir, but how many bars do you work at anyway?”

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