A drinking joke from Finland


Typical Finnish cottage:  home of some great drinking action.

Typical Finnish cottage: home of some great drinking action.

And now it’s time for a drinking joke from Finland. As you know this country is one of the nations that suffers heavily from the strict rules on alcohol in Scandinavia. Still the Finnish love to drink – especially vodka – and have a big moonshine culture. Meaning a lot of people produce their own liquor. This is a typical drinking joke that comes with this culture, enjoy!

Pekka and Jukka are sitting in a cottage in the middle of nowhere. For 3 days they are drinking like hell, before they finally run out of booze. So Pekka says to his mate: “Go and look in th shed. Maybe there’s something left we can drink.”
Jukka returns after a few minutes with a bottle of menthanol in his hand. He looks at Pekka and says: “Well, we could drink this, but it’ll make us go blind.”
Pekka then looks around the cottage, goes up to the window and peaks outside, then slowly turns to Jukka and says: “I think we’ve seen enough.”

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4 thoughts on “A drinking joke from Finland

  1. That picture! I am pretty sure I have been to that exact same cottage. We rented it for our family for a week or so a couple of years ago. I even remember that rock (the one on the left in the picture). I really wish that’s the same place. I love coincidences like this. Happy memories too.


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