Poetry: What I wanted to Say by John D. Robinson

This horror setting inspired John D. Robinson to write his poem What I Wanted to Say.

A special guest post this time. Published poet John D. Robinson (When You Hear the Bell, There’s Nowhere to Hide and Cowboy Hats & Railways) sent us a wonderful poem called What I Wanted to Say. He describes his feelings towards the institution Alcoholics Anonymous. Emotions that every serious drinker probably shares. Or if you care for the opinion of the Lords of the Drinks on this “fine organization” you might want to check out our list of 7 modern supervillains from 2015. But for now we’ll let mister Robinson speak. Enjoy!

What I wanted to say
at my 1st AA meeting
was that I fucking loved
drinking , and I attended the
meeting at the pleas
of my wife and GP;
I didn’t consider myself
an alcoholic,
maybe a drunkard;
and I
didn’t say anything
at my 1st AA meeting;
I listened to several
horror alcoholic stories
from complete strangers
some of them clutching
bibles and I left the
meeting before it
ended; I was parched, 
I needed a drink, I
needed that something
to help me along,
drinking is a celebration
of life and
I write this now,
with a bottle of wine,
some 30 years later.

John D. Robinson

4 thoughts on “Poetry: What I wanted to Say by John D. Robinson

  1. I love this! The sense of humor, the darkness, the truth underlying it all, the bluntness, it all works! Great job! I’m a fellow poetry blogger (although not a drunk, but I have my own issues with addiction lol). Hope you can stop by sometime.

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  2. Long time no see Micky B. I was gonna type something about my “usual” feeling after a AA meeting. Ive been to AA on 2 continents and many states in the U.S. After a short reflection and morning alcohol consumption, i thought well, it wasnt all bad, for many a meeting has led to, future hook ups, dates, sex, luncheons, weed sources etc. I cant remember my 1st AA meeting, outside the fact i was in the military and forced to go many times, as i was in civilian life also by Judges, PO’s GP’s PCP’s, Preachers, wives, siblings etc. but my last was voluntary a few months ago. So their is a part of me that is a true rebellious AA party crasher. Usually hammered by the time i get to one, checking on the latest local female talent. When i do go voluntary i like to switch them up so i dont get tired of seeing the same old faces crying about the same old thing. Pending on male/female ratio. But one thing stands true, every time, i come out of a meeting always wanting to drink.

    Dang Mick, i thought the world went flat and you stumbled and fell off the edge.

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    • Hahaha, yeah it’s been a while mate. Combination of a shitty computer, very little time and dito inspiration for stories. But with our 5 year jubileum coming up, we had to get more active again. Glad to see you’re still following our ramblings and bless us with your awesome comments.


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