Joke: Drunk in a Confession Box

A confession box in a Catholic church.

Having a bad case of “the Mondays”? Well, hopefully we can cheer you up a bit with a good old joke about a drunkard. And remember, there’s more where this came from in our special section of jokes about drinking, drunks and other alcohol related stuff. Now let’s start the workweek with a laugh. Enjoy…

After a heavy night of bar hopping a man finally stumbles into a Catholic church early in the morning. Although he is completely wasted he makes it to the confession box and sits down. The priest who saw this poor lost soul rushes to his end of the confession box, as he can only imagine the amount of sins this man committed just last night. He waits for the drunk to start talking, but all remains quiet.
As the drunkard doesn’t seem to notice his presence the priest coughs loudly from his side of the wall. But still the drunk sinner doesn’t start his confession. Given the state his intoxicated guest is in, the priest assumes he needs fermer measures and knocks the wooden wall between them three times.
Finally the drunk man replies: “No need for knocking mate. There’s no toilet paper in this one either.”

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